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Principles of Preparedness: Disaster Movie Edition

By | Ready Marine Corps | February 21, 2019


These films may not be Oscar winners, but they can teach us a lot about basic preparedness.


If your meteorologist is calling for high winds and flying Great Whites, stay indoors, shelter in your predesignated space, listen to emergency alerts, and stay safely sheltered until after the storm passes. Apply these to all types of tornadoes—shark or otherwise.

Dante’s Peak

This film is peak ’90s disaster flick, starring Pierce Brosnan (Bond, James Bond) and Linda “Sarah Connor” Hamilton. A key takeaway from this volcano movie: do not wait to evacuate. As soon as officials issue an evacuation order, leave immediately using designated evacuation routes. Before an emergency strikes discuss your family communication and evacuation plans, including what actions to take in case you are separated from one another during a disaster.

San Andreas

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s 2015 movie “San Andreas” features intense, action-packed earthquake drama, with highly unlikely evacuation solutions (No, The Rock will not likely fly a helicopter to rescue you from a rooftop during a record-shattering quake). However, the movie brings up a few useful tidbits. If you are indoors when an earthquake hits, drop, cover, and hold on! Do not stand in a doorway; this will not protect you from flying or falling debris.

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Set your own course through any hazard: stay informed, make a plan, build a kit.
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