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Plans for Pets

In the past, DoD authorities have made great effort to evacuate pets along with the families. This may not always be feasible; therefore, families must make plans for their pets to stay behind or to be transported out commercially. The cost of any commercial transport of the pets, either out of the theater or from the Repatriation Site to the final safe haven location, will be borne by the family.

To fly on most Air Mobility Command or commercial airlines, including DOS-chartered aircraft, requires some necessary paperwork for your pet. Required documents typically include completion of the DD Form 2209, Veterinary Health Certificate, and the DD Form 2208, Rabies Vaccination Certificate. Also note that many commercial carriers do not transport pets during certain periods, for example, very hot summer months or when space is not available.

If you are permitted to bring pets in an evacuation, make sure you have the following:

  • Separate carrier for each animal, except those nursing litters
  • Collars on each animal with owner ID information (microchip recommended)
  • Movement orders, health certificate, and shot records attached to cage in waterproof pouch
  • Supply of pet food (specialty food, if required)

Set your own course through any hazard: stay informed, make a plan, build a kit.
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