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Know the Facts

141014-M-EG514-089 Photo by Cpl. MIchael Thorn

Have you ever heard “knowledge is power?” It’s true. When you know about something, you have a better understanding ofwhat it is and what it does. Knowing that, helps you know what you can do to stay safe and help keep others safe in an emergency. You can be the family hero when you know the facts.

Even though thinking about things like earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, winter storms, and other dangers might be scary, they can be interesting, too. Ask your parents about some of the dangers that could happen where you live. There is a lot of good information under the Stay Informed tab that you and your parents can read. You will also find other resources to learn about all sorts of different hazards on the Fun Activities page.

You can even become a Disaster Master by playing the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Disaster Master game.

Did you learn something?
 You did!

Congratulations! You just took your first step as a Ready Marine Corps Kid!

Set your own course through any hazard: stay informed, make a plan, build a kit.
Live Ready Marine Corps.