Marine Corps Mass Notification System



In the event of an emergency, the Marine Corps Mass Notification System (MCMNS) provides real-time alerts to the Marine Corps community throughout the lifecycle of the incident/crisis or installation closure.


In the event of an emergency, the Marine Corps Mass Notification System (MCMNS) provides real-time alerts to the Marine Corps community throughout the lifecycle of the incident/crisis or installation closure through three (3) methods:

  1. Giant Voice (GV)—A voice announc­ing system using exterior speakers, commonly termed “Giant Voice,” that provides real-time information or instructions to most outdoor areas. 

  2. Interior Voice (IV)—Interior speak­ers or sirens in individual buildings that provide real-time information or instruction to building occupants or personnel in the immediate vicinity of a building, including exterior entrances and gathering areas. 

  3. Enterprise Mass Notification System (eMNS)—An interactive, com­munity notification system capable of providing voice and/or data messages to multiple, designated receivers through various types of notifications.

    1. Automated response option – Some Mass Notification messages may require an automated response from the Marine, Civilian Marine, or Contractor (e.g. “(#1) Recall acknowledged, will report immediately, (#2) Recall acknowledged, will report in 30 minutes, (#3) Message received”).  Family members should NEVER select an automated response option. Once a recipient acknowledges a message through an automated response option, attempts to notify the intended individual will cease and this may prevent notification via additional phone numbers or emails.



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Click here for Enterprise Mass Notification System (eMNS) Instructions.

Marines, civil service, and contrac­tor personnel with a NIPR computer account are required to verify and update their official contact information. NIPR computer users are encouraged to register personal contact information. Mission essential personnel, who are subject to recall, are required to provide all available contact methods in order of priority.

Your ability to benefit from the full spectrum of eMNS capabilities requires self-registration of personal contact information. Entering this information enhances Marine Corps Installations’ ability to rapidly provide emergency information and changes to the base's operating status during non-working hours and when you are away from your desk. A family member’s contact information may also be input.



The Benefits


  • Enhances your safety and empowers you to react in times of crisis.

  • Ensures that real-time alerts provide information to you and your family on what to do and where to go in an emergency.

  • Allows you to find out about base closures due to weather or an emergency, before you show up.

  • Permits you to be noti­fied when it is clear/safe to return to the installation.

Depending on the situation, the system continues sending notifications to the various mediums a user has selected until it can confirm receipt of the message.



Type of eMNS

Desktop Notification
  • An administrative broadcast across Marine Corps computer networks that overrides current applications, thereby reaching all Marine Corps users almost instantly. It works whenever you are logged in to your Non-secure Internet Protocol (IP) Router (NIPR) computer.

Email Alerts
  • A process which sends emergency notification messages via email messages to designated recipients. 

SMS Texting
  • A process which sends emergency notification messages via SMS texting protocols, typically to mobile devices. 

  • A process which sends emergency voice notifications to designated recipients via telephone – landline or mobile, work or personal.

Social Media
  • A process which sends emergency notifications via social media to recipients who are users of the respective applications. These messages appear on smart mobile phones, tablet computers, and/or desktop computers which are connected to the respective social media application.

Smartphone App
  • Smart phones can receive alerts through several means highlighted above, as well as through downloading a free eMNS mobile notifier application. (Note: eMNS Mobile Notifier use is installation dependent. If used at your installation, see ATHOC Notifier™ Mobile Quick-Start Instructions.)


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