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Marines, civil service, and contractor personnel with a NIPR computer account are required to verify and update their official contact information populated in the eMNS by information found in the Global Address List (GAL). NIPR computer users are encouraged to register personal contact information. Mission essential personnel, who are subject to recall, are required to provide all available contact methods in order of priority.

Entering this personal information enhances Marine Corps Installations’ ability to rapidly provide emergency information and changes to the base’s operating status during non-working hours and when you are away from your desk. A family member’s contact information may also be input. During registration, NIPR computer users are able to confirm that their information is correct and choose how they wish to be notified during an emergency by clicking on the AtHoc Client (Globe) and choosing “Access Self Service”. Though only those with email accounts can self-register to receive alerts, installations work with affected commands and tenants to manually enter key leaders and on-base personnel into the system they can in turn notify personnel within their organization in the event of an emergency.




Register for Enterpise Mass notification system

  1. Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) NIPR users—Right click on the white Globe icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop. It is often located in the App Tray. If you do not see the icon, click the chevron (^) on the lower toolbar to reveal hidden icons. 

  2. Select “Access My Profile.” To update user information when the AtHoc Client (globe) menu “Access My Profile” link doesn’t work: Paste your enterprise’s (CONUS or MCIPAC) self service URL into any browser - found on page 2 of this document (Hover your mouse cursor over the globe to determine which enterprise if you are unsure).

  3. Select "Acknowledge" at the bottom of the disclosure statement. 

  4. When prompted, select your appropriate CAC (PIV) Certificate (it will contain the word “Authentication”). Click “OK.”

  5. Select "My Profile" at the top of the self-service page if not already open. Notice at the top the page is your name and organization that your profile is linked to. If this is the wrong organization, click the gray "Move to Organization" button, which opens a dropdown menu to select the correct organization. Select the correct organization. Click "OK." 

  6. Select "Edit" to continue editing your personal information. This should include your work phone number, work email address, and all other information requested. 

  7. Under "Basic Information," find "Organizational Hierarchy" and click "Select." Select your position/ location within your organization. Click "Apply." Note: For OCONUS Users, follow the detailed instructions for entering device data contained on the device tab.

  8. Click “Save.”

  9. Update your profile any time you have a change.

Edit Enterprise Mass Notification systemUser account

  1. Click on the white AtHoc globe (usually found in the hidden App tray)

  2. Click on “Access My Profile."

  3. Acknowledge the USG statement.

  4. Click “Edit” and update information.

  5. “Save”

To edit your user account when the AtHoc Client (globe) menu "Access My Profile" link doesn't work:

Paste into any browser.

  1. Acknowledge the USG statement.

  2. Select the correct PIV Certificate (Authentication) if required.

  3. Click “My Profile” from the upper tool bar if not already open.

  4. Click “Edit.”

  5. Make changes, and click "Save."


Get mobile alerts

  1. Remove any AtHoc app from your mobile device if previously installed.

  2. Search “AtHoc” in the App Store or Google Play Store.

  3. Download the first BlackBerry AtHoc app. (NOT “Dynamics”)

  4. Several prompts will appear on the screen:

    1. “AtHoc” Would like to send you Notifications. Select “Allow.”

    2. Allow “AtHoc” to access your location while using the app? Select “Allow.”

    3. Register for Alerts. Select “Ok.”

  5. To register your Mobile Notifier account, enter an email address from your eMNS (AtHoc) User account profile page. NOTE: Recommend that you use an address other than a, because firewalls may prevent the AtHoc verification email from being delivered. To add a personal email to your profile page, visit your organization’s self-service link. You can always delete your personal email in your eMNS profile after the verification.

  6. Access your email account, and open the AtHoc email. Click “Verify Now” link. Android users must click the “Terms and Conditions” link first and then click “Verify Now.”

  7. Reopen the AtHoc App. Wait for the screen to change from, “Register your email…” to “Enter Organization Code.”

  8. Enter your organizational code:

    1. For CONUS users, enter USMC.

    2. For MCIPAC users, enter MCIPAC. 

    3. NOTE: Downloadable instructions for the steps above can be found below.


User self-service links

In addition to using the AtHoc desktop Client (Globe), Marine Corps personnel with existing User accounts can access User Self-Service by using the URL associated with your Installation from the following list. If there is an issue with the link, copy and paste the link into anything other than Internet Explorer.




Receive Alerts from additional locations and organizations

Follow these steps to Subscribe to receive alerts from an additional location:

  • Click on the white AtHoc globe (usually in the hidden app tray) and select "Access My Profile"  


  • CONUS: Paste into any browser.

  • OCONUS/MCIPAC: Paste - into any browser.

  • Acknowledge the USG statement.

  • Click on “My Profile” if your profile isn’t open.

  • Click the purple “Edit”  button

  • Scroll all of the way to the bottom right corner.

  • Click on “Add Subscription”

  • Select the location or organization and Click “Apply”

  • Set and end date, if desired.

  • Click the purple “Save” button at the Top Right Corner
    NOTE: You may add up to 5 Subscription locations while still receiving alerts from your home station or command.

Change your account's home location or organization

  • Click on the white AtHoc globe (usually in the hidden app tray) and select "Access My Profile" 


  • Paste into any browser.

  • Acknowledge the USG statement.

  • Click on “My Profile” if your profile isn’t open.

  • Select “Move to Organization.”

  • Select your correct location or command from the list, and click “OK.”


Add Dependents

Family members with DoD ID Cards are eligible for eMNS Dependent Accounts.

To enroll a dependent: 

  • Click on the AtHoc globe (usually found in the App Tray).

  • Access My Profile. To access self service when the AtHoc Client (globe) menu "Access My Profile" link doesn't work: Paste your organization's self service URL into any browser - found above(Hover your mouse curser over the globe to determine which organization if you are unsure).

  • Select “Dependents” from the upper tool bar.

  • Select “Add”, complete the information and “Save.”

  • Edit existing dependent accounts by clicking on the existing account’s Display Name, make the edits, and “Save.”


Other DoD Users

Other DoD personnel who are members of Tenant organizations on a Marine Corps installation, but are not on the MCEN do not have access to Self-Service.

Their account information must be provided manually – as either comma-separated value (.csv) file import or system operator input.


Need Assistance?

Contact your local USMC eMNS Administrator to assist with any issues or questions. Blackberry AtHoc Support does not have access to eMNS or user databases, so be sure to work with your local eMNS Administrator before contacting Blackberry.  

To contact Blackberry AtHoc Technical Support after-hours for general information:

Telephone: +1-888-462-8462 (Toll-Free)
If outside North America, call: +1-650-685-3090 

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