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A sign explains that landscape is being irrigated with recycled water to conserve resources.
A lack of precipitation for an extended period of time can cause a drought. If droughts persist for long periods of time, they can pose a great danger to you, your family, and your hydration.


Photo By: Lance Cpl. Christopher Johns

How To Prepare
  1. Know the four stages of a drought:
    • Drought Watch—The least danger­ous, declared when a drought is de­veloping. Public water suppliers will begin to conserve water. You should try to minimize your water use.
    • Drought Warning—Public water suppliers and industries begin to update and implement their drought contingency plans in case of an emergency. You should minimize your water use.
    • Drought Emergency—A state of emergency may be declared. Mandatory water restrictions may be instituted. Alternative water sources may be tapped.
    • Drought Disaster—A disaster may be declared and contingency plans put in place. Water is further rationed. You may receive emergency assistance. 
  2. Stay aware of the weather and long periods without precipitation.
  3. Try to conserve the amount of water you use, and never pour out water when there may be another use.

Water Conservation Tips

If There Is a Drought
  • Stay aware of the amount of water being used each day.
  • While it is important that you are careful with the amount you consume, do not ration to the point of dehydration.
  • Recycle water for household uses.
  • Place bucket in the shower to catch excess water for other uses (watering plants).
  • Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily.
  • Water lawn in several short sessions rather than one long one, in order for your lawn to better absorb moisture and avoid runoff.
  • Use mulch to retain moisture in the soil.

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Where to Find Additional Information

Department of Homeland Security (Ready.gov) & FEMAhttp://www.Ready.gov/drought

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