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Members of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune's Fire and Emergency Services take turns signing the beam for Military Construction Project 1518, the new Hadnot Point Fire Station at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. “Topping out” ceremonies are informal ceremonies used to commemorate a construction milestone for the completion of the foundational structure of a building. During the ceremony, project key players sign the beam prior to its placement on top of the structure.

Photo by Michelle Cornell

OICC Florence completes construction milestone for new fire station at Camp Lejeune

24 May 2024 | Michelle Cornell Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Team members from Officer in Charge of Construction (OICC) Florence and leaders and guest from Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Lejeune attended a “topping out” ceremony for Military Construction Project 1518, the new Hadnot Point Fire Station, on May 21, 2024.

“The topping out ceremony marks a major project milestone: the completion of the building’s structural framework, which doesn’t reach its full strength until the final beam is in place,” said U.S. Navy Capt. David Jayne, commanding officer of OICC Florence. “The ceremony highlights and acknowledges the dedication and teamwork required for a successful construction project.”

In keeping with “topping out” ceremony tradition, the key players from OICC Florence, MCB Camp Lejeune Fire and Emergency Services Division, Marine Corps Installations MCI East (MCIEAST) Facilities and Environmental Office and the construction team from Whiting-Turner Contracting Company signed the beam prior to its placement on top of the building structure.

“The “topping out” ceremony gives everyone the opportunity to pause and reflect on the progress to date and an opportunity to discuss the work that remains to complete the project,” stated Jayne.

Navy Facilities Engineering Command awarded the $17,485,440 project to Whiting-Turner Contracting Company in September of 2020 and the “topping out” ceremony marks the 317th day of construction. The new single story, approximately 17,000-square-foot building will serve as the new headquarters for the MCB Camp Lejeune Fire and Emergency Services, replacing two obsolete fire stations. Fire Headquarters Building 18 on McHugh Boulevard and Building 1400 on Dogwood Street are scheduled for demolition once the new facility is finished and occupied by emergency personnel.

“We are very thankful and grateful for this opportunity to have a new fire house and to enhance our capabilities,” said Chief Alex Rivera, Region/Installation fire chief for MCI East-MCB Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River. “The new building will expand the ability to properly house our assets and provide an upgrade in space, with training and conference areas, a safe room for major weather incidences, and better comprehensive communication and technological capabilities.”

The new station will include three main areas: administrative, living, and equipment/apparatus bays. The facility will be easily accessible with two parking lots accommodating 60 vehicles. The new living areas will support 24/7 operations with dormitories, restrooms, a kitchen, laundry, and recreational/fitness areas for personnel. The unit will feature six apparatus bays, an upgrade from the current three bays in the existing firehouses.

The new Hadnot Point Fire Station is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2025.

“This fire station is one of six fire stations OICC Florence is constructing or renovating, and we are proud to provide this capability to the Marine Corps and the first responders who serve all of the station personnel on a daily basis,” proudly stated Jayne.

OICC Florence provides world-class engineering, construction, and acquisition services supporting the Marine Corps’ recovery from Hurricane Florence and deployment of the Joint Strike Fighter, re-establishing the readiness of expeditionary forces for MCIEAST and II Marine Expeditionary Force.

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