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Ready Marine Corps Kids

Emergency Preparedness Program

Preparing the youngest members of the USMC community


A Message from Chesty

Hey, kids, Chesty here.

Chesty - The Ready Marine Corps Kids Mascot

I know you Marine Corps kids are tough and ready to take on any challenge. You’ve been through your parent’s deployments, moves, and changes in schools. You’ve done all this with amazing strength. That’s why I know you are the perfect recruits for Ready Marine Corps Kids.

Like Marine parents, Ready Marine Corps Kids live the Marine Corps spirit of being most prepared when the Nation is least prepared. Because of that, Ready Marine Corps Kids know they have to act before an emergency happens. Seconds count and you need to know what you’re going to do, who you are going to call, and what you might need to take, if you encounter storms or other hazards.

 Are you ready for the challenge?

Join the Mission
Join Chesty on his mission to live Ready Marine Corps! Help him complete his task by learning the three key steps to emergency preparedness. 

  1. Know the Facts
  2. Plan Ahead
  3. Be Able to Bug Out

Let's get started!

Basic Training

Now that you've joined up to help Chesty, it's time for some basic training. Download these fun activity sheets to put your preparedness into practice. Plus, check out all the websites with games and resources just for you! 

Click here to start your training!  

Set your own course through any hazard: stay informed, make a plan, build a kit.
Live Ready Marine Corps.

Thank you, Caroline and Maddie!
Our First Ready Marine Corps Kids