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What Is a NEO Package

A woman presents personnel with her NEO package in a NEO processing center.A NEO Package contains all the DoD forms and documents necessary to be evacuated and repatriated should an evacuation be ordered. It is your responsibility to bring this completed package to the NEO processing center (NPC) in the event of an evacuation.

The forms required for the NEO Package are arranged in order of use as they pertain to the NEO Processing Center Station Layout.

Photo By: Lance Cpl. Claudio A. Martinez
Forms provided courtesy of MCAS Iwakuni, Japan.
Cover Sheet
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  • NEO Processing Center Station Checklist (PDF / MS Word)—This coversheet will act as your road map during NEO processing.
Facilities (Billeting and Family Housing)
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  • Residence Key Envelope (PDF / MS Word)—(Provides authorities who remain in host country a means to access your residence for security reasons or to ship your household goods if required.) Cut out the form and tape or glue it to a legal sized envelope, place key inside.
Station Judge Advocate (Legal)
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Special Power of Attorney and Voluntary Appointment of Stand-by Guardian (PDF / MS Word)—(Required for dual military and single parent families. Names an individual of your choosing to care for your minor children in case you cannot evacuate with your family due to military duties.)
Will Worksheet (PDF / MS Word)—(All military members are highly encouraged to maintain a current Will.)
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  • DD Form 2258­—Temporary Mail Disposition Instructions (Redirects mail from host country to your new address.)
Provost Marshal's Office (PMO)
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  • Vehicle Control Form—(Provides authorities who remain in host country a means to safely relocated vehicles.)
Veterinarian Service (VET)
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DD Form 1745—Animal Euthanasia (Required paperwork for processing, always the last resort.)
  • DD Form 2208—Rabies Vaccination Certificate (Three copies (2) in a waterproof envelope for the certified pet carrier.)
  • DD Form 2209—Veterinary Health Certificate (Three copies (2) in a waterproof envelope for the certified pet carrier.)
    Distribution Management Office (DMO)
    • DD Form 1299—Application for Shipment and/or Storage of Personal Property (Used in case your household goods require shipment while you and your family are evacuated.)
    • DD Form 1701—Inventory of Household Goods (This form will be used as an inventory of household goods located in the evacuee’s quarters in host country. This form may be used later upon return to the U.S. if it becomes necessary to file a claim against the U.S. government for personal property lost and/or destroyed as a result of the evacuation. You can use the detailed list of household goods from your most recent PCS move in place of this form.)
    • DD Form 1797—Personal Property Counseling Checklist (You can use the detailed list of household goods from your most recent PCS move in place of this form.)
    • EA Form 741-E—Personal Property Record (Used to document high value items in your HHG shipment.)
    Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC)
    • DD Form 93—Record of Emergency Data (Required to help establish next of kin. Ensure it is up to date and included with your NEO Package)
    • DD Form 1337—Authorization for Emergency Pay and Allowances (Used for families of military personnel. Without the appropriate form, required signatures, and in the case of civilians, appropriate sponsor’s fund site, families may not be able to receive an advance pay from the sponsor’s pay entitlements.)
    • DD Form 1610—Request and Authorization for TDY Travel of DoD Personnel (for Military Personnel) (May be required during the evacuation process. Lines of accounting and approval signatures will be provided at evacuation processing centers.)
    • DD Form 2585—Repatriation Processing Center Processing Sheet (Required during in-processing for personnel accountability while in a safe haven status. This information is entered into a family support system and ensures families can be kept apprised of latest news regarding changes in status. It is critical that this document is complete).
    Information for DoD Civilian Employees
    • DD Form 2461—Authorization for Emergency Advance and Allotment Payments for DoD Civilian Employees (Required for civilian employees requesting advanced pay).

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